Today’s Photography Practice

My determination to become a pro at photography has grown even stronger recently, so I’m trying to get some practice in every day. Going through a patch of very bad anxiety has made this slightly difficult, but I’m hoping that by starting with around just 20 minutes each day of simply taking photos in the house and on the patio, the anxiety will gradually reduce.

I’m quite happy with a few of the photos that I got today! I still have a long way to go and a lot more practice to do, but I’m feeling very positive about it.

Although I would usually post my photos on my Instagram, I’m trying out something new here. I prefer putting just one photo per post on Instagram, but that means I can’t showcase all of the pictures that I’m pleased with and, more importantly, I can’t get any feedback on them. As someone who is still very new at photography, any feedback on any aspect of my photos is much appreciated!

There’s only four photos out of about 100 that I liked today – but that’s what photography is about, taking lots of shots using different settings to see what works best.

This photo is my favourite:

I still need more work on ensuring my photos aren’t over-exposed, but I just love that the centre of focus is on the flower. I’m focusing on depth of field and using manual focus at the moment, so I’m pretty happy with how this photo turned out.

The second photo I like is:

Now this photo really does demonstrate how much of a newbie I am to photography, but I’m happy with how the centre flower is (mostly) the only part of the photo in focus. You can see, again, that it is over-exposed but I’ll get better at preventing that soon. This photo may also be slightly over-edited. I’m currently using a free app on my phone to edit which is relatively okay, but it isn’t the best for ‘proper’ photography. There’s a deal on Lightroom and Photoshop at the moment, so I might have to invest in order to get better quality photos and be able to have more control with the editing.

This photo is also one of my favourites:

It’s very similar to the first photo I posted, but I just love how the colours have come out (thanks to some editing) and I think I’ve done very well with the aperture here.


Again, I love the colours here. I generally like it when there is only one subject in focus, but I think this one works better with a higher f-stop number. It would have been better if the flowers surrounding the central one were a bit more open and alive, but I’m still happy with the outcome.


So, those are examples of my photography practice for today! Creating posts like this will help me to improve my skills and reflect on what I could have done better, but I’ll still post some pictures over on my Instagram to show them off a little bit.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today. If you have any feedback or thoughts on the photos I posted, then I’d love to hear from you!


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